Monday, December 6, 2010

i dare you not to groove -- stefano torossi

many moons ago i got my hands on a collection from easy tempo (an italian label) that was brought together a bunch of great tracks from italian film in the sixties and seventies. most people think of ennio morricone when they think italian composers but there were some other really great ones. the one that really stood out for me in the collection i have is a guy by the name of stefano torossi. i love his stuff. the first two tracks are on my collection and come from an album called "feelings" that is very rare, and that i covet very badly. the third track is also from that album, while the fourth is a video i found on youtube from a score he did for
a horror film called, "omicidio per vocazione". if you don't feel like like wigglin' it just a little bit, then it is true that confusion and anarchy reigns.

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  1. Oooh, very groovelicious! Phillip is currently on an obsessive jag with Italian horror films. He's been watching a bunch of them on Netflix streaming. I don't watch because I'm not that into horror, but I'll be in the office on the computer and hear the scary Italian horror sounds with badly dubbed English and it's kinda surreal and funny.