Friday, June 12, 2009

a list of happy things from just this week!

i want to balance out this blog now since the last thing i wrote is kind of bleak. it's powerful enough to me that i'm going to leave it up but that's why i'm here trying to tap dance my way out of despair now, so i'm putting together a list of happy things to counteract my sad post:
  1. good writing: clearly and most obviously i love books and writing or that wouldn't be the main subject for this blog, though clearly not the only one or i would not be making a list. good writing takes me out of my head, quite often full of unproductive worries, and sadnesses, and for that power i am entirely grateful to many writers living and dead.
  2. buying a new book: i bought one yesterday with a gift certificate i still had from my birthday. it is a deep and abiding joy for me to buy books. i love putting them in piles and running my hands over their spines, and beating the crap out of them as i absorb them though i am sad if they start to buckle under. i don't really much care if they are new, or used, and sometimes i barely register the cover because i'm seeking out a writer i have heard of, either from friends or goodreads or from other books. i don't doubt anybody will be surprised when i say that it was an richard brautigan omnibus i bought: collected revenge of the lawn which i am already reading, the abortion: an historical romance, and so the wind won't blow it all away. yes, i am going through a richard brautigan phase. i'm reading other books at the same time though: a town like alice by nevil shute, and i've just finished steve niles and elman brown's graphic novel adaptation of i am legend -- a review is forthcoming. watch this space!
  3. unexpected meetings with good friends: my friend jacquie was getting her hair cut in my neighbourhood yesterday. she had let me know that, but seeing her and partner-in-crime jenn standing in my parking lot still put a big smile on my face. i walked over with them to the salon, and then went out to the movies. when i was on my way back, i found the two of them standing under an awning in the rain. how lovely to be surprised by them twice.
  4. movies: quite similar to number one except i'm more tolerant of schlock in films than i am in books. i took great pleasure in showing two very lovely friends the miracle that is "they live" earlier this week after jessica told me stuff about kate beaton who we all think is really neat.. david said, i've always heard that line "i'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but i'm all out of bubblegum" and i was happy i could share with them the original tacky moment. i've glanced at the book the warriors that hexter is reading and none of the characters seem to be the same and i suspect there was very little of the book actually adapted to the screen beyond the idea of street gangs journeying through new york, trying to find their way home. i have always loved that this source material for the warriors was xenophon's anabasis, which relates the journey of spartans out of enemy territory. thalatta! thalatta! has also inspired other writers but it kind of makes me laugh that it's probably the only literary thing about the warriors. and then of course i finally saw up yesterday which, even though it made me cry, it made me happy too.
  5. packages that arrive in the mail: i got a present from a friend named jen in texas today. she is lovely, and the package came at just the right time. she had hoped it would arrive earlier this week but sometimes packages don't arrive until you need them. and i really needed that one. it was entirely thoughtful and sweet, and bacon-inspired, and you can never go wrong with that.

so there's my list. i'm sure if i thought harder i could find more happy things that happened to me but to be honest, i don't think i'd feel very happy doing that. right now the sun is pouring through the windows in my living room, and i'm going to go out onto the balcony and listen to the birds and look at my trees and not think for a bit. :)

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  1. I too love to get packages in the mail. Even ones that I purchased myself! Oh, and you should be receiving one from me shortly!