Sunday, November 14, 2010

foggy, foggy night

the city was blanketed in fog the other night, and as i said to kerry, it smelled like what i think the yorkshire moors might smell like. it was beautiful and earthy, something rich in the decaying ripeness, that vestige of life. there was a remnant of that spark of life in autumn leaves, carried into our nostrils and our pores through the fog.


  1. That was some crazy fog! Love the description and the photos! I was watching a zombie show that night and thought...this would be a bad time for a zombie attack. xo

  2. yeah, it would definitely have changed the timbre of the night had there been a flock of zombies descending on the city -- instead we just had falling leaves, and the occasional nut out taking photographs and smelling up the fog. :P

    i'm guessing you were watching that walking dead show everybody is raving about? oh tv. i don't really know anything about you, anymore. but that's okay because i'm in love with netflix.

    hi jacquabella! thanks for stopping by. thought since i was taking a facebook break i could feed my own feed for a change.

  3. I love these shots Mo, VERY cinematic! I really wish I could have been there to wander the night and fog with you!

  4. hi lovely: i was pretty happy with how the photos turned out -- i'm glad you like them too. it was really a wondrously beautiful scene: i wish i could have shared it with you. but while i was out in it, i didn't feel lonely. that fog was intimate, and tender, and made me forget what i have lost for a little while. :)

    i owe you an email. coming soon! :) mo/xo