Saturday, November 20, 2010

the warriors: i will watch it a thousand times more

i know people who won't re-read a book, or watch a film, or t.v. show more than once because once they've seen it, they "know" it, and they get bored if they try to watch things again. i am not even remotely like this, and can revisit things i really like over and over, because even though i'm aware of what's going to happen, i so enjoy the anticipation of what will happen next, that it doesn't matter that it isn't new to me. it just matters that it kicks ass.

almost the epitome of that experience for me, the warriors is a ninety-minute movie. i'm sure i've mentioned elsewhere that sol yurick's novel, on which it was loosely based was itself loosely based on xenophon's anabasis, in that the characters are like the soldiers, journeying home. it's a quest movie: the boppers travel in an attempt to find somewhere that they can be safe. it's fast, with little (and stilted) dialogue, a lot of running, and some fighting, and a tiny, little bit of social commentary. but then they get home to coney island, and then there's this:

pins and needles, my friends. pins and needles.

i can't see myself ever getting tired of this movie. as long as i don't have to watch the director's cut, that is. :)

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