Thursday, November 25, 2010

two movies with tumbleweeds i wanna see

i'm not sure if this is a resurgence of interest in the western genre, or just fluke but the remake of true grit is coming this christmas, and i can't wait. i loved the portis book when i read it, and i think jeff bridges will make an excellent rooster. and matt damon as leboeuf! yes! i have high hopes for this one -- let's hope it's not one of the coen brothers' movie i hate, like intolerable cruelty. boy, was that a stinker. and this is a movie that could go either way. there is already a classic looming behind it, and nobody who has ever seen it can forget john wayne. and yet, this trailer feels a lot more like the book i read.

the other film called cowboys and aliens is coming in july of next year. let's see if favreau can keep up his winning streak.

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